I believe in the power of smart, strategic design to help people understand and embrace change.

For the past 15 years I have worked as a design consultant doing business as Draw Smart Design. Before starting Draw Smart Design I worked as a designer, then senior designer, for 10 years in firms in Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. We took on everything from exhibit design to advertising to branding to information design to product and interactive design. What I learned is that the design approach is the same, that design thinking applies to every kind of project. This wide-reaching open-minded approach to work has allowed me to stay open to all kinds of challenges and meet them successfully, both individually and within a team.

In addition, my years as an Adjunct Professor in Carnegie Mellon University’s Schools of Design, HCI, and English have honed my ability to successfully communicate design thinking to a wide range of undergraduates and graduates from various backgrounds and experiences. My years teaching have helped me engage clients in design thinking as well.

For more information please contact lisa@drawsmartdesign.com.